Africa’s future depends on the next generation of leaders, yet across East Africa able and talented young people do not have access to a quality education.  At Empower, we serve students from challenging backgrounds, so these remarkable young people can continue their education and be inspired to be the new doctors, teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers and an army of healthy young leaders in Uganda and worldwide.  



Our students truly defy the odds.  Some of our students have lost parents to the rebels in Northern Uganda.  Some of our students have lost parents to HIV/AIDS.  Some of our students come from vulnerable situations where education would not be possible without the support of Empower.  They are amazing examples of what is possible when young people are given the opportunities and resources to succeed.  Our students shine in leadership roles on their campuses.  Watch the video below to hear first hand from a few of our students what their scholarships mean to them.  Read more about our current students here and be inspired by their stories and dreams.