The Need

Many of the problems facing East African communities stem from the lack of affordable high quality education. The focus on primary literacy programs and basic education has significantly increased adult literacy percentages, but the majority of the population lack the appropriate education and training needed to compete for high paying jobs and to help contribute to innovative approaches to societal improvement and economic development. A shift toward a globally competitive education system with sustainable scholarship and fee structures will lead to long term fundamental change and will empower local citizens to capitalize on emerging economic development.

We believe a high standard education, mentorship, discipleship and character development is the best investment we can make to create exponential positive change in the lives of individuals, families, communities and countries. 

Although some bursaries exist for poor children, these costs remain an insurmountable hurdle for poor families who are already losing income by allowing their child to study rather than work. The result is that many children never receive secondary education and are therefore stuck in the poverty trap of basic labor.
— - Foundation for Sustainable Development